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"You have a fresh and vital talent...I very much enjoyed your book."
A.B. Yehoshua, novelist

Come in. You must be tired, wandering around our Planet Virtual.
My screen swears this planet and everything on it are square.
Not me. I'm not square. I'm like you.
I'm like you, living here with one foot, or rather a toenail, outside my private bubble, which is supposed to stave off the anguish of the Other outside it, my own distress inside it.
I've thrown out the T.V. twenty years ago, the radio is tuned to the classical music programs, I write during the night and sleep when the world is noisy, and each evening I vow to never again surf the News sites, yet do open them, and read, and shed an inward tear.
Corinna at Yaddo (c) Lisa MartinLike you.
So you might ask, Is it the right time to establish a new publishing house
(and dare name it HudnaPress),
come out with a new book,
set a new web site?
What is it, self-pampering? A timid expression of sanity?
The Kabbalah, as much as I recall it from the university classes, teaches us that in the beginning of Creation the world was contained into ten vessels, such as Nobility, Wisdom, Charity, Valor, Splendorů
It so happened that the vessels fell, and broke into tiny pieces. "Sparks". Since then in each generation there are thirty-six (Lamed Vav) righteous men whose sole task is to find and put together those shattered tiny pieces, the Sparks.
Bring Tikkun (Repair).
Yet these men are to remain anonymous.
Not an easy feat nowadays, especially if you are a politician or a "celebrity".
Well, only thirty-six - no wonder it takes them so long. And them being all male, exclusively. So this site, along with my deeds and writings, are the tiny pieces of clay I've volunteered to put together all my life. Anonymously.
As much as it depends upon me, I promise to live forever. But why wait so long? Isn't it time for our generations to wake up from the stupor that has come to envelope the world? No Prince will appear to wake us up, although more than one drop of blood has been shed in our Age of Violence.

Your visit here was a nice first step.
Now, why not send an unbroken link to your closest Lamed-Vav friends?
Men and Women alike.
Leave the door open, and come again,

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